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At the Kenai River Salmon Guide Christmas PartyEvertt and Kristy are thrilled to welcome you to the Kenai Peninsula, they're year-round home for the last decade.  They moved here together soon after meeting in Prudhoe Bay, where they both worked, and happily marrying in Kona, Hawaii.  Ever since, they've discovered the joys of living in an area so abundant in both scenery and activities.  In the summer, you'll commonly find them together fishing (even on their days off), kayaking on nearby lakes, or hiking (usually in search of some meat for the freezer!).  In the winter, they both love taking snow-machine trips and cross-country skiing.

Currently, Kristy still works 2-week shifts on the North Slope of Alaska, as Environmental Coordinator for ConocoPhillips Kuparuk oilfield.  On her off-time, she volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Kenai Watershed Forum, a local organization that helps maintain healthy Kenai Peninsula watersheds.

Snowmachine tripsEvertt works as manager of seismic projects during the winter, traveling all over Alaska and the Lower 48.  He enjoys volunteering for various Kenai Professional Guide Association programs, especially the Wounded Warrior fishing days.

Evertt and Kristy love meeting people from all over the world through their fishing and lodging business.  Many of you have become life-long friends.  Thank you so much for your continued business and for the love of Alaska we share.